Texas Girls Coaches Association


Wrestling Nomination Instructions and Guidelines



November 1st is the last date for wrestling coaches to become a member of  TGCA and be eligible to nominate athletes for wrestling honors and to receive honors themselves..


Monday noon prior to the State Wrestling Meet is the deadline for on-line nominations: 
Academic All-State, Athlete of the Year and Coach of the Year.


Nominations can be submitted on-line or mailed to TGCA at P.O. Box 2137, Austin, TX, 78768.





  Academic All-State Guidelines:


1.  Academic All-State athletes and support staff of that sport MUST BE GRADUATING SENIORS.

2.  Must have an overall GPA of 94 or above for grades 9 - 11. 

     (Do NOT submit a nomination if your athlete or support staff member does not meet this GPA


     10 points may be added for weighted classes.

3.  Must be a varsity participant or support staff member in good standing, and be of good moral character.




Athlete of the Year Guidelines:


Nominees must fulfill the following requirements:


1.  May be selected from any grade level from 9-12;

2.  Be an outstanding athlete in her sport.

3.  Demonstrate positive character traits (honesty, loyalty, leadership, cooperative attitude).

4.  Final selection will be made by the Executive Director and Executive Committee.




Coach of the Year Guidelines:


1.  Only TGCA member varsity head coaches are eligible to nominate or win Coach of the Year. The head varsity coach of any

     athlete or support staff receiving an award must be a member in good standing by the membership nomination deadline.

     This also applies to Athlete of the Year honors.

2.  The final selection will be made by the Executive Director and Executive Committee;

3.  Each school may only nominate one coach;

4.  One coach will be selected from a 4A, 5A, or 6A school.



Revised by vote of the Board of Directors on November 23, 2014.

Revised by vote of the Board of Directors June 4, 2017.




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