Texas Girls Coaches Association



TGCA is proud to introduce you to our 2023-24 Board of Directors. Each of these individuals assumes not only the elected office to which you selected them to serve, but also a great responsibility to you, the coaches of TGCA, and to girls athletics in the great state of Texas.

Their responsibilities are many and they represent the main communication channel between you the members and the organization itself, an organization whose primary responsibility is to be an advocate for coaches of girls athletics.

TGCA Board of Directors & Committees Meeting Dates

Offices of President & Vice President

Cully Doyle
Brock High School



1st Vice President
Claire Gay
Aledo High School


2nd Vice President
Scott Mann
Lorena High School


Past President
Brad Blalock
Christoval High School



2023-24 Regional Directors,    
Committee Chairs & Vice Chairs    
Jason Culpepper, Kylee Valenzuela, T'Leah Jennings, Sunni Strickland, Lynn Larson, Nikki Hyles,    
Ross Barber, UiLani Womble, Stacy Tucker, Terri Wade, Anthony Branch, Wade Womack,    
Michelle Trotter, Patti Zenner, Dan Aldrich, Kelly McDaniel,    

Josh McKinney, Susan Brewer, Arthur Prevost, Denise Lincoln, Kevin Johnson, Melissa Pump, Melissa Hall, Teresa Lentz, Barbara Burnett, Maureen Mareck


Click here to see a detailed contact listing of the 2023-24 TGCA
Executive Officers, Directors, Committee Chairpersons and Vice Committee Chairpersons.




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