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The TGCA office will be closed for Spring Break the week of March 12th - 17th. If you need immediate assistance, please contact TGCA Executive Director Sam Tipton at 512-417-8422. Have a safe and happy Spring Break!


Past Presidents of the Texas Girls Coaches Association were honored by the University Interscholastic League on Friday, March 2 during the girls’ state basketball tournament held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.  There were 25 past presidents at the ceremony held at half-time of the 6A semi-final basketball game.  Dr. Charles Breithaupt, executive director of the UIL, presided over the ceremony and had each past president of TGCA in attendance recognized on the floor of the Alamodome.  Among the honorees were Stanley Whisenhunt, the oldest past president of TGCA in attendance (1971-72) , Dr. Bill Farney, retired executive director of the UIL (1973-74), Lee Grisham, current assistant executive director of TGCA (2008-09, 2009-10), and Sam Tipton, the current executive director of TGCA (1996-97).  A reception was held for all the past presidents and their families prior to the half-time presentation ceremony.  At the reception there was a festive atmosphere as tales of the TGCA flowed from the reign of the first president, Velma Harrison (1952-53, 1953-54) to the present president Kriss Ethridge (2017-18).  Many stories were told about the leadership of Billy McKown, the executive director of TGCA for 44 years.  The TGCA expresses many thanks to Dr. Charles Breithaupt and the UIL for allowing the past presidents of the Texas Girls Coaches Association to be honored for their hard work and dedication in the field of girls’ athletics in such a prestigious setting.  It was certainly a night that was appreciated by all in attendance, and will not be forgotten by all the past presidents of TGCA.
Past TGCA Presidents Honored in San Antonio:
Stanley Whisenhunt(1971-72), Bill Farney (1973-74), Arline Basye 1973-74), Judy Bugler (1975-76), Waynette Dolan (1976-77), Buddy Ables (1977-78), Michael Adams (1984-85)Donna Grant (1989-90), Phil Swenson (1990-91), Rhonda Farney (1991-92), Barbara Crousen (1993-94), Pat Mouser (1994-95), Melynn Hunt (1995-96), Sam Tipton (1996-97), Ron Mouser (2002-03), Debbie Jaehne (2003-04), Leann Johnson (2005-06), Alex Koulovatos (2006-07), Lee Grisham (2008-09, 2009-10), Wes Overton (2010-11), Donna Benotti (2011-12), Kari Bensend (2013-14), Mitch Williams (2014-15), Liana Gombert (2015-16), Loyd Morgan (2016-17)


The February Newsletter is now available on-line. Archived copies of our newsletters are available by clicking the "Newsletter" link on the left.


The 2018 TGCA Summer Clinic for both the Spirit Division and Athletic Division will be held in Arlington at the Arlington Convention Center July 10-12. Clinic registration and 2018-19 membership renewal are now open on-line, as well as all Satellite Clinics registration. Printed forms are available under the "Forms" category in the menu on the left-hand side of the page. Summer Clinic agenda has now been posted under the "Summer Clinic" category also on the left-hand side of this page. Badges will be required at all CCP (Coaches Certification Program) lectures, as badges MUST BE scanned for those lectures.

If you have not renewed your 2017-18 membership, you can no longer do that on-line and must print a form from the Forms category and fax or email to us. If you use the on-line function on February 1st or after, you will be renewing your membership for the 2018-19 membership year.


All cheerleading honors have now been posted to the website under the Spirit Division tab. Choose the category you wish to view from the menu on the left-hand side of the page. Congratulations to all.


The UIL has released the 2018-20 realignment and reclassification, including volleyball. Click here to go to the UIL website realignment page.


Membership renewal and all clinics registration on-line will open February 1st. Agendas will be posted as soon as they are completed.

Region I Lubbock Sports Clinic - June 8 & 9
Registration Form - Agenda
Houston Sports Clinic - June 13 & 14
Registration Form - Agenda - ADs Agenda
San Antonio Sports Clinic - June 15
Registration Form - Agenda
SUMMER CLINIC - July 10 - 12
Registration Forms and Agenda are located under the Summer Clinic Tab
El Paso Sports Clinic - July 19 & 20
Registration Form - Agenda


TGCA and K-MAC Sports announced this past July 18 they were teaming up to bring additional spotlight coverage to each of the girls’ University Interscholastic League (UIL) state championships in Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.

“The Texas Girls Coaches Association is very excited to partner with K-MAC Sports for the advancement of girls’ volleyball, softball and basketball from the additional exposure to the UIL state championships by using media to promote the games to teams, players, coaches and fans of these sports.  We feel this will be an added advantage for state champions of volleyball, basketball and softball,” said TGCA Executive Director Sam Tipton.

“We'll broadcast a State Preview Show on K-MAC Sports online (www.kmacsports.com).,” Licata stated. “We hope to get a State Tournament coach or two on the air as well (wink). Our goal is to bring much-deserved publicity to the hard-working student-athletes and coaches who worked their way to the State Tournament. It's a celebration of those teams attaining their season-long goal of participating at state.”

The announcement of the TGCA/K-MAC Sports venture this summer came off the success of the broadcasts of this summer's TGCA All-Star games, which garnered over 13,000 combined viewers. K-MAC Sports will bring additional coverage to the three UIL state championships with written stories, live interviews, and more via the most prevalent web-sites and social media. K-MAC Sports will not be broadcasting any of the state tournament games themselves.


The Board of Directors voted to pass the following amendments to the nomination guidelines by EC proposal on June 4, 2017:

Executive Committee Proposals to the Texas Girls Coaches Association June 4, 2017

EC 1: A proposal to allow All-Stars in Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track and Field, and Cheerleading to be nominated for the honor by any member coach in good standing of the Texas Girls Coaches Association. For an individual to be selected to an All-Star team, the head coach must be a member in good standing. The current head coach must be contacted for approval of the player being selected as an All-Star.

Rationale: This will allow more individuals to be nominated to be considered for the All-Star teams. This will put more responsibility on the Committee members to make sure the best in their Region are considered for All-Star status.

EC 2: The selected recipient of the outstanding individual (Athlete of the Year) in Cross Country, Volleyball, Team Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleader, Tennis, Wrestling, Golf, Swimming & Diving, Softball, and Track & Field may be selected from any grade level from 9-12.

Rationale: If it is our desire to pick the best, it is important to look at all grade levels to make the choice.

Reminder: Cross Country All-Stars will have 24 selected in 1A-2A-3A-4A and 24 selected in 5A-6A and must be incoming seniors (juniors).

Please be sure your membership is current before November 1st, so you will be allowed to nominate your athletes and receive honors without having to go through the appeals process or pay an additional $60.00 override fee.


All on-line nominations are due by NOON on the Monday before any UIL state competition. If this deadline is missed, any nominations submitted must be delivered to your regional representative for that sport on the appropriate committee for hand delivery to the committee.

Soccer - April 9
Track & Field - May 7
Tennis - May 14
Golf - May 21
Softball - May 28


All varsity coaches in cross country, volleyball, basketball, track and field and softball are encouraged to nominate their deserving sub-varsity coaches for TGCA Sub-Varsity Coach of the Year in their respective sport. Sub-varsity coaches may coach multiple sports, but they cannot be the varsity head coach in basketball, volleyball or softball to qualify for Sub-Varsity Coach of the Year. Nominations should be done on-line, just like any other honor nomination. Deadline is May 1st, and nominations will close at noon on that day.



Jan Barker - Amarillo High School
Rick Reedy - Frisco High School
Mike Martin - Vista Ridge High School


Lynn Davis Pool - Austin ISD Athletic Department
Mike Szymarek - Austin ISD Athletic Department


Division I - Amy McDaniel - San Angelo Standard-Times
Division II - Art Dlugach - The Llano News

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Also, all monies raised through the Texas High School Play4Kay initiative will go toward a grant for cancer research in the state of Texas!


You MUST be a member of TGCA before November 1st to nominate for honors or to receive honors as a coach. If you miss that deadline, you will have to file an appeal with the Executive Committee to see if you will be eligible to nominate for honors or to receive honors yourself, or pay an additional $60.00 override fee if you prefer not to file an appeal. If you need help with the renewal process, or the appeals process, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you for your continued support of TGCA.


The 2017-18 UIL In-Service Presentations as presented at Summer Clinic are now available. Click on the update you wish to view.

Cross Country and Track Updates
Volleyball Updates
Basketball Updates
Softball Updates
Spirit Updates

H.B. 2038 Requirements

The Texas Girls Coaches Association, in partnership with Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine, is offering, FREE OF CHARGE, the training required by H.B. 2038.  Coaches were required by state law to complete two (2) hours of concussion training no later than September 1, 2012.  In addition, coaches are required to complete two (2) hours of additional concussion training every two years. The Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine group is certified through the TEA and approved by the UIL to offer the concussion training course. Through the website of the Texas Girls Coaches Association, this course is being offered online at no cost to all coaches.  A test must be passed at the completion of the course.  If the test is passed, the coach will then be able to print a certificate of completion that can be filed with their school.  Please proceed to the following link to begin the training. Once you have accessed the link, click on “Texas Coaches Concussion Training”.



Balfour, the official ring supplier of the Texas Girls Coaches Association, is now offering student/athletes selected under the TGCA umbrella for All-State, All-Star, and Academic All-State the opportunity to purchase a ring to symbolize their achievement.  All the rings offered are custom crafted just for the individual by specialized Balfour craftsmen.  Balfour’s expert craftsmanship ensures that the official TGCA ring becomes a distinctive keepsake and a symbol of the student/athlete’s athletic or academic success.
“The Texas Girls Coaches Association and Balfour have formed a partnership to service all the ring needs for individuals selected by the association for All-State, All-Star, and Academic All-State. There have been requests, and a need for many years, for an official ring offered by TGCA for the student/athlete honors provided by TGCA.  Balfour, through their passion for celebrating life-defining moments, has designed custom rings for TGCA that applaud the success of all student/athletes selected by the member coaches of the association for honors.  Additional information and order forms can be seen on the Texas Girls Coaches Association web-site at:  www.austintgca.com,”  said Executive Director Sam Tipton.

View Ring Tops and Shanks           Order Form


MaxPreps, an affiliate of CBS Sports, is a FREE sports information service provided to you and your team as a membership benefit of the Texas Girls Coaches Association. MaxPreps.com aspires to cover, at no cost to TGCA members, every team, every game and every player. This tool will be extremely beneficial to you as a high school coach, your parents, fans, school administration, athletic directors and webmasters. MaxPreps is now also a sponsor of the UIL. TGCA highly encourages you to utilize this valuable service.

Please enter information on your team. As a member coach of TGCA , take the time to use MaxPreps to provide FREE hard-earned recognition for your team. MaxPreps is an on-line service designed to record your team's achievements. Go to www.maxpreps.com or click the MaxPreps logo above and enter your information today.

Check out the MaxPreps stats and scores on the MaxPreps widget at the bottom of the page.

Any coach who has not received their user name and password for their free MaxPreps team account should e-mail coachsupport@maxpreps.com or call 1-800-329-7324 extension 1.


Please remember that membership deadline for nomination is November 1. All on-line nomination deadlines are the Monday at noon before a particular sport's state meet. Sub-Varsity on-line nomination deadline is May 1. To access simple and detailed instructions on nominating for TGCA honors on-line, click here.


The agreement between the Texas Girls Coaches Association and Coaches Choice to launch a Resource Center is now a reality. The Resource Center is designed to allow individuals access to educational materials at a discounted price. Coaches Choice has designed the Resource Center especially for TGCA and people interested in girls' athletics in all sports. Everyone is encouraged to go to the Resource Center site. It's as simple as clicking on the logo shown above. Please take the time to walk through the different features offered. Do not miss the section on wearables. These wearables are specifically designed to support the Texas Girls Coaches Association. This site will be continually expanding and will make available an unlimited source of educational materials for you from various outlets in a variety of delivery methods. The Resource Center is designed to be an economical way to obtain up to date educational material to help you become better in your field.


LaQuinta - Up to 20% off within Texas; up to15% off outside of Texas
Use code TGCA to obtain the TGCA rate
(Subject to Availability)


The Texas Girls Coaches Association in cooperation with American Income Life Insurance Company, is pleased to announce that we are providing additional benefits at NO COST to make your membership even more valuable!  These benefits include:

$4,000 Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit! (Covers all members.)

Health Services Discount Card for your entire household which provides discounts up to 60% on Vision Care,

Chiropractic Care, Hearing Care and Prescriptions! Child Safe Kits – this valuable tool can provide information to the authorities if your child or grandchild should ever go missing!

Family Information Guide – When emergencies occur, families can avoid confusion and additional stress by having all of their critical information organized in one place. 

Please check your mail for the letter regarding these new benefits!
Once you return the response card, an AIL representative will contact you to schedule a convenient time to deliver your benefits and explain additional insurance coverage available.  
American Income Life is an international company licensed in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and is registered to carry on business in New Zealand.  AIL has earned an A+ (Superior) Financial Strength rating from A.M. Best Company. (as of 6/14)
For more information on these benefits, please contact Christa Davis at 281-386-9552 or
csdavis@ailife.com, or Arnaecia Alridge at 281-857-9325, ajalridge@ailife.com.
To view the letter on-line, visit http://www.ailife.com/benefits/sgM9W.


TO ALL COACHES: Please go on-line and check that your profile is up-to-date, including addresses, telephone numbers (school, cell, home), and all other personal information. You can change all information on your profile except your school. Please check your coaching experience and add information as needed. We would also appreciate an update on your e-mail address, as this is our easiest and quickest way to alert you to new developments regarding your sport. Our files are only as accurate as the information you put in them. We appreciate your help in this endeavor.



Brad Blalock
Frisco Centennial High School



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