Texas Girls Coaches Association
Basketball Coach of the Year Nomination Form



For use if mailing or faxing to the TGCA office, or for submission to a regional representative for delivery to the Basketball Committee after the on-line nomination deadline has passed.



This award recognizes an outstanding coach in basketball.  The following criteria have been adopted by the TGCA Board of Directors for this award:


1.  Only TGCA member varsity head coaches are eligible to nominate or win Coach of the Year. The head varsity coach of any athlete or support staff receiving an award must be a member in good standing by the membership nomination deadline. This also applies to Athlete of the Year, Coach of the Year, and All-Star Coach honors;


2.  The final selection will be made by the committee of that sport;


3.  Each school can only nominate one coach;


4.  Two coaches will be selected: one from a 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A school; and one from a 5A, 6A school.




I would like to nominate____________________________________________________ of


_________________________________ High School as Basketball Coach of the Year.






Nominating Coach___________________________________________


TGCA Membership Number___________________________________




                            I certify all information to be correct.



Revised by vote of the membership at the annual business meeting on July 10, 2014.