Texas Girls Coaches Association
Basketball All-State Selection Plan





At the Summer Clinic, each region selects a representative from each conference to serve a one-year term on the All-State Selection Committee.  These coaches make up the All-State Selection Committee.  The President will appoint one member of the Committee to be the general Chairperson.  In addition, the President will also appoint a Chairperson for each conference (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A).  The All-State Committee will meet during the state girls basketball tournament to select basketball All-State teams in each conference. Committee members will select up to 40 athletes (with no designation of position) in each conference.  There is no limit to the number of players from each region or a school that can be selected to the All-State team.





            A.        Players may be nominated by member coaches only.


            B.        All on-line and mailed nominations must be submitted to TGCA no later than noon the Monday prior to the basketball state tournament. Nominations may be submitted to regional representatives for delivery to the Basketball Committee after the on-line nomination deadline has passed.


            C.        Coaches may nominate as many players as they choose.






The Basketball Committee Chairperson will accept the final selections from each conference Chair and submit the final selections to the Executive Director for verification.





After verification of the selections, the Executive Director will prepare a certificate for each player.  The All-State teams will also be posted on the TGCA website.




Revised by vote of the membership at the annual business meeting on July 10, 2014.