Texas Girls Coaches Association
Basketball All-State Nomination Form


For use if mailing to the TGCA office or if submitting to a regional representative after the on-line nomination deadline has passed.


TGCA members may nominate players for All-State honors.  They do not have to be seniors.



Nominee (First and Last)_________________________________________


Uniform Number:__________________


Position:         ______Guard      ______Post      ______Guard/Post


Grade in school:_________                        Height:    ________feet   ________inches



Additional Information: ______________________________________________________






Nominating Coach (First, Last)____________________________________


School ________________________________   City__________________________


TGCA Membership Number_________________


Conference:  (circle one)      1A      2A      3A      4A      5A      6A




                   I certify all information to be correct.


Revised by vote of the membership at the annual business meeting on July 10, 2014.