I.          Basketball member coaches of the TGCA may nominate coaches for the Red/Blue All-Star girls basketball games.  A coach may nominate as many coaches for the games as desired. 
           Submit nominations on-line or contact the TGCA office to have a nomination form faxed or mailed. 
           On-line nominations are due Monday noon prior to the State Basketball Tournament. Forms may be submitted to regional representatives for submission to the Basketball Committee after the on-line nomination deadline has passed.


*      Only head varsity girls basketball coaches are eligible to coach the All-Star teams.

*      All-Star coaches must be members by the November 1st deadline.

*      As of the 2007-08 school year, TGCA members selected as All-Star coaches may serve as an All-Star coach twice per sport, once as the head All-Star coach and once as the assistant All-Star coach.




II .         At the Basketball Committee meeting during the state tournament, the Committee will make the selections for Red and Blue All-Star coaches for the 1A-2A-3A-4A All-Star teams and the 5A-6A All-Star teams.


III.        The Executive Director will notify the selected coaches for the All-Star teams in writing.   





Revised by vote of the membership at the annual business meeting on July 10, 2014.