Volleyball All-State Selection Plan



Nomination Deadline  --  Monday noon prior to the State Volleyball Tournament



MEMBER COACHES may nominate as many players as they wish for volleyball All-State honors.  These players need not be seniors.  Coaches should feel these players are outstanding in comparison to competitors and are worthy of this honor.  Nomination forms must be sent to TGCA by submitting online or mailed to TGCA, P.O. Box 2137, Austin, TX  78768, on or before Monday noon prior to the State Volleyball Tournament.

EACH CONFERENCE (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A) will have an All-State team with up to 40 players per team.  There shall be no limits on the number of players from a school that can be selected for All-State.  It is recommended that one athlete be selected from each of the eight (8) TGCA regions. The remaining thirty-two (32) will be at-large. The head varsity coach of the athletes selected must be a member in good standing of TGCA. The All-State nominations will be presented to the All-State Committee at the State Volleyball Tournament meeting to select the All-State teams in each conference.  The final All-State selections will be sent to the Executive Director.


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR shall accept the final selections from the All-State Committee.  Selected All-State players are to receive a certificate for recognition of this honor.  All-State teams will also be posted on the TGCA website.




Revised by vote of the Board of Directors June 1, 2014.