Texas Girls Coaches Association
Volleyball All-State Nomination Form

Deadline: Monday noon prior to state tournament


TGCA members may nominate players for All-State honors.   They need not be seniors, and you may nominate as many athletes as you feel are worthy of this nomination.  There shall be no limits on the number of players from a school that can be selected for All-State. They should be outstanding in comparison to your competitors.


Please make sure to read the nomination guidelines before filling out this form.



Nominee(First and Last)_____________________________________


Uniform Number___________                   Height:  _____ft.        _____in.



Position:         _____Defensive Specialist _____Middle Blocker

                        _____Outside Hitter             _____Setter



Grade: (circle one)    9    10    11    12


Additional Information:






Coach(First, Last)_________________________________________


City__________________________ School____________________________________


TGCA Membership Number__________________


TGCA Region:__________  UIL Conference:________________




                     I certify all information to be correct.




Revised by vote of the Board of Directors on June 1, 2014.