Texas Girls Coaches Association
Volleyball All-Star Nomination Form

Deadline: Monday noon prior to state tournament


Nomination forms must be sent to TGCA by noon on Monday prior to the state volleyball tournament. 

All-Star and Legacy All-Star nominees may be nominated by any member coach in good standing of the Texas Girls Coaches Association. For an individual to be selected to an All-Star team, the head varsity coach must be a member in good standing. The current head coach must be contacted for approval of the player being seleced as an All-Star. Coaches may nominate as many qualifying incoming senior players for All-Star honors as desired, and as many graduating senior players for Legacy All-Star honors as desired. The Volleyball Committee will have the option of selecting two athletes from one school and one school only per All-Star team to participate in the Summer Clinic All-Star games.

Player (First and Last)______________________________________________________




City_________________________         School__________________________________


Conference:  (circle one)      1A       2A       3A       4A       5A       6A


Height  _____ft.         _____in.                     Position:   ___           Defensive Specialist

                                                                                      ___            Outside Hitter

                                                                                      ___           Middle Blocker

                                                                                      ___           Setter

Volleyball Honors:

(List years for these honors)







Other Honors:____________________________________________________________



Coach (First, Last) ________________________________________________________

School____________________________________ City__________________________


TGCA  Membership Number ________________  TGCA Region ____________________


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