Texas Girls Coaches Association

Volleyball All-Star Game Plan





                (1)       The volleyball match will consist of three out of five




                        (2)       The first four games will be played with rally scoring

                                     to 25 points (cap at 25).



                        (3)       If a fifth game is played, it will be played with rally  

                                    scoring to 15 points, win by two points, with no cap

                                    on winning score.



                        (4)       Coaches shall strive to equalize playing time among

All-Star players to the optimal extent.


A)    In the first 2 sets, each player will get the equivalent

of 1 set minimum guaranteed; i.e., if they play all the way

around, then they can play in one complete set, or if they

only play front or back row they must play in two sets.


B)    If the match goes 4, then strive to get each player the

equivalent of 2 sets.


C)    In set 5, the All-Star coach will play to win.



(Revised by vote of the Board of Directors March 2, 2008.)