Texas Girls Coaches Association
Volleyball Academic All-State Nomination Form


Deadline: Monday noon prior to the State Volleyball Tournament.


Member coaches of the Texas Girls Coaches Association have the privilege of nominating senior athletes and senior members of the support staff of that sport to receive Academic All-State recognition.  Athletes and support staff members named to the Academic All-State team will receive a certificate from the TGCA.  The teams will also be posted on the TGCA website.


Nominees must fulfill the following requirements:


1.  Must be a graduating senior;

2.  Have an overall grade point average of 94 or above for grades 9 - 11;

3.  Be a varsity participant or a member of the support staff of that sport in good standing;

4.  Be of good moral character.


NOTE: Ten (10) points may be added for weighted classes.


Nominee (First and Last)____________________________________

School_________________________________ City_______________________________


Conference:   (circle one)     1A       2A       3A       4A       5A       6A

Grade Point Average ___________(Actual numerical average; for example:  95.6.  For Honors/AP courses, add 10 points for each to the point total before averaging.)  Do NOT submit GPA based on a 4.0 or 5.0 system.


Total Number in Senior Class_______        Rank in Class________


Coach (First, Last)_______________________________________________


TGCA Membership Number__________



                          I certify all information to be correct.



Revised by vote of the membership at the annual business meeting July 10, 2014.