Cross Country All-Star Selection Plan





A.  Nominations may be made by TGCA member Cross Country coaches.  Coaches may

      nominate any incoming senior athletes.  These nominations must be made on-line by

      Monday noon prior to the Cross Country state meet. 



B.  The Cross Country All-Star official on-line nomination form is available on the TGCA

      web site (, or a coach can request a form to be e-mailed or faxed.

      Verbal nominations are not accepted.



C.  Member Cross Country coaches in good standing may nominate incoming senior athletes

      from any school.  For an All-Star to be eligible, the head coach of that school must be a

      member in good standing. The current head coach must be contacted for approval of the

      athlete being selected as an All-Star.






A.  This committee shall be composed of the members of the TGCA Cross Country

     All-Star and All-State Committee.


B.  The Cross Country All-Star and All-State Committee will meet at the UIL

      Cross Country State Meet at a time and site designated by the Cross Country

      Committee Chairperson.  At this meeting, it shall be the responsibility of the

      Committee to select twenty-four (24) incoming senior Cross Country athletes from

      conferences 1A-2A-3A-4A and twenty-four (24) incoming senior Cross Country athletes

      from conferences 5A-6A as Cross Country All-Stars.  All conferences shall be represented

      in the selection process.


C.  Two athletes from the same school can be named to an All-Star team. Clarification: The

      Cross Country Committee will have the option of selecting two athletes from one school

      and one school only per All-Star team on a yearly basis.






A.  The Executive Director will verify the Cross Country All-Stars as soon as possible

      after the state meet.


B.  The Executive Director will then notify, in writing, the selected Cross Country

      All-Stars, through their coaches, of the selection.  ONLY after completing and

      returning all paperwork sent to them will the Cross Country athlete officially be     

      a member of the All-Star team.  The selected All-Star should decide within seven (7)

      days of her notification whether or not she will be available to receive her award at

      the honor award presentation at the next Summer Clinic.  The All-Star should so

      inform the Executive Director of her decision by properly returning her paperwork

      either accepting or declining the honor.


C.  Coaches may duplicate the nomination form if more than one athlete is nominated.





A.  Will resolve selection disputes and problems;


B.  Will approve All-Star verifications with the Executive Director;


C.  Will meet with the Cross Country Committee at their meeting during the State Cross

      Country Meet and at any other meeting in this regard as requested.





A.  Until time as it is feasible or possible to implement an All-Star Cross Country meet 

      during the Summer Clinic, this Cross Country All-Star selection method will be used

      to honor some of the state's incoming senior female Cross Country athletes.


B.  These selected Cross Country All-Stars will make up the TGCA All-Star team.  They

      will be recognized both as an individual and a team at halftime of the 1A-2A-3A-4A All-Star

      Basketball game at the Summer Clinic.


C.  Each All-Star will receive a special award at halftime of the All-Star Basketball



D.  The high school coach of each All-Star will receive a special award certificate at

      halftime of the Basketball All-Star game and will be recognized.


E.  The All-Stars will be chaperoned while at the clinic by the Track & Field All-Star Coaches.


F.  The Cross Country All-Stars and their coaches should report to their Track Committee

      Chairperson at the time and date designated by the TGCA.



The standing committees for cross country, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, track & field

and softball will review submitted nominations from their region and division

for the Legacy All-Star team selections. The selections will be made from player

nominations submitted to TGCA by member coaches on or before the Monday

noon prior to the state tournament or meet of the particular sport. Selections will

be based on the following criteria:


1.  The nominated players must be graduating seniors.


2.  The Standing Committee will select the best twenty (20) nominees in the particular sport

      in 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and the best twenty (20) nominees in the particular sport in 5A, 6A.


3.  The high school head varsity coach must be a member of TGCA in good standing before

      November 1st of that school year before the school is eligible to have an All-Star(s).


4.  A coach may nominate as many graduating senior players as desired.


5.  The TGCA Legacy All-Star team members in each sport will receive a certificate from the

      TGCA recognizing their achievement of being named to the team. There will be no All-Star

      game for these teams.




Revised by vote of the membership at the annual business meeting July 10, 2014.

Revised by vote of the membership at the annual business meeting July 14, 2015.
Revised by vote of the Board of Directors on June 5, 2016.

Revised by vote of the Board of Directors on June 4, 2017.