I.         Preside over

            A.  Volleyball Committee meeting held during State Volleyball Tournament.

            B.  Volleyball Committee meeting held during Summer Clinic.

            C.  All called Volleyball Committee meetings held during the year.


II.          Summer Clinic Responsibilities:

            A.  IMPORTANT:  Attend volleyball All-Star orientation meeting to assign room


            B.  Oversee volleyball All-Stars at Summer Clinic.

            C.  Introduce clinicians as designated by the Program Chairman or delegate

                  responsibility to Volleyball Committee members.

            D.  IMPORTANT:  Supervise volleyball All-Stars and All-Star coaches

                  demonstration.  Be at gymnasium at least 30 minutes to one hour before

                  demonstration to finalize arrangements.  Introduce All-Star coaches for each


            E.  Select scorekeeper and assistant scorekeeper, scoreboard operator and

                  assistant scoreboard operator for both games.

            F.  For each All-Star game, align high school coaches of volleyball All-Stars to

                  receive certificates in pre-game ceremony.

            G.  Present certificates to high school coaches of volleyball All-Stars in pre-game


            H.  Appoint three Volleyball Committee members from each division

                  (Conferences 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and Conferences 5A, 6A) to select the

                  Most Valuable Player to receive the M. T. Rice Memorial Award.

            I.  After each All-Star game, present the M. T. Rice Memorial Award to the Most

                  Valuable Player.

            J.  Assist volleyball chaperones of all four teams to collect uniforms from the

                  players and return them to Executive Director.

                  **      An inventory of uniforms and equipment will be provided by

                           the Executive Director for use in issuing and collecting items.

            K.  Assist in collection of volleyballs from all four teams and return to Executive



III.         Legislative Council

            A.  Receive from volleyball coaches recommendations for proposals to be

                  presented to the Athletic Committee of the University Interscholastic League

                  Legislative Council.

            B.  Consider proposals at Volleyball Committee meetings.

            C.  Present proposals to Board of Directors for approval.


IV.        Supply articles and other information to the Newsletter editor of the TGCA.



Revised by vote of the membership at the annual business meeting July 10, 2014.