Sub-Varsity Selection Committee



1.  The Selection Committee for the Sub-Varsity Coaches of the Year shall consist of all senior and junior members of the Sub-Varsity Committee from each of the eight (8) regions of TGCA and the Sub-Varsity Committee Vice Chairperson. The Sub-Varsity Committee Chairperson will chair this sixteen-member committee.


2.  The voting members of the Selection Committee will be the present members of the Sub-Varsity Committee, including the senior and junior members (includes Sub-Varsity Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson).


3.  A senior or junior member of a region must abstain from discussion and voting in any category where he or she is nominated for a Coach of the Year honor.  The junior member of that region may discuss and vote in that particular category if the senior member has been nominated. 


4.  All senior or junior members will be allowed to enter into discussion or vote on any issue in the selection of the Sub-Varsity Coach of the Year honor.


5.  A region not represented by a senior or junior member can receive written comments from the senior or junior member on nominations.  These written comments will be considered in the process, but the absentee member will have no vote.


  (Amended by proposal and vote of the Board of Directors March 8, 2009)