TEXAS GIRLS COACHES ASSOCIATION


                                                SCHEDULE FOR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR



The following items are carried out during the entire year and are executed at no

definite time:


                        OFFICE ADMINISTRATION:


                                    Association functions.

                                    Administrates association office.

                                    Maintains books, files, past minutes, memorabilia, etc.

                                    Maintains hospitality area.

                                    Employs and supervises office staff.

                                    Keeps updated inventory of equipment.

                                    Purchases office materials.

                                    Keeps books and makes all federal and state reports.



            Communicates with officers, directors, and chairpersons advising them of Association functions.

            Secures sites of meetings or directors and committees.

            Provides appropriate refreshments for meetings.

            Attends to all correspondence.

            Coordinates activities with Newsletter Editor.

            Conducts spring and fall membership drives.

            Prepares for job review and evaluation at prescribed meetings.

            Submits budget.

            Pays approved monthly bills.

            Attends to investments for the Association.

            Investigates and contracts sites and dates for Summer Clinic.

            Secures headquarters, conference and lecture rooms, etc. for Summer Clinic.

            Arranges booths for exhibitors including preparation for advertising and

                        contractual agreements.

            Secures contracts for clinicians for Summer Clinic.

            Arranges transportation, hotel accommodations, etc. for clinicians.

            Assists director in all phases for Summer Clinic.

            Administers pre-registration drive.

            Employs and supervises extra personnel subject to approval by the president.

            Oversees Summer Clinic.

            Oversees All Star activities from notification through the Summer Clinic.

            Secures facilities for All Star games.

            Attend to advertising as needed.

            Attends all UIL state contests for girls.