Professional Term Contract




The Board of Directors of the Texas Girls Coaches Association, hereinafter called the Board, hereby employs ____________________________, hereinafter called the Employee, in the position of ________________________ for a period of ______days, ______ year(s) commencing on ___________ day _______________ month, 20_____ and ending on _________day _______________ month, 20_____ as set by the Board. 


This contract is subject to the following provisions:




Salary Supp *












(1) _____________________________________________________

(2) _____________________________________________________

(3) _____________________________________________________

* ______________________________________________________

* ______________________________________________________



1.  The salary shall be paid in 12 monthly installments, and the salary of the last

     month of employment term shall be payable upon the execution of duties and

     upon the receipt of items that may be required at the conclusion of contract.

2.  This contract is conditional on Employee providing the necessary certifications

     and/or experience and/or requirements mandatory for the personnel files for

     payroll purposes.  Any misrepresentation may be grounds for dismissal.

3.  Employee is subject to assignment and reassignment by the Board.

4.  Employee shall comply with all Board and/or Board President directives, state

     and Federal law, Board policies, rules and regulations as they exist or may

     hereafter be amended.


5.  After due process, the Board may dismiss Employee during the term of the

     contract for good cause.

6.  Renewal or Non-renewal shall be directed by the Board.


 7.  No right of tenure is created with contract.  No property implied or expressed

     is created in continued employment beyond the contract term.

8.  After Employee returns the signed contract, Employee will not be released from

     this contract to accept employment elsewhere without written consent of the

     Board or its authorized representative.

9.  The Employee may relinquish said position and leave employment of the Texas

     Girls Coaches Association at the end of any contract without penalty only by

     written resignation addressed to the President of the Board prior to the May

     meeting of the Board of the current contract year.


10. This offer shall be void unless signed and returned to the President of the Board within

       ten (10) days after date given to Employee.

11. Each article and provision hereof shall be considered separate and the invalidity

     of any section, article, clause or provision shall not affect the validity of any other

     portion of the contract. 


                                                                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                                        Texas Girls Coaches Association





                                                                        Date ______________________

I have read and understand this

contract and agree to its terms

and conditions:





Date _______________________     



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Filed in the office headquarters of the Texas Girls Coaches Association, an equal opportunity employer, on:


___________________, 20_____


By ________________________


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