The primary purpose of this evaluation is to identify strengths, weaknesses and to utilize the position of Executive Director as effectively as possible. It is to provide the employer with a tool so that job performance can be assessed as accurately as possible. It is a tool to aid the evaluator in making a decision on detainment or dismissal.
This assessment form is to be completed, signed and dated by the evaluator and the executive director and kept on file.

INSTRUCTIONS:   In the space beside each item, place a number to indicate the degree of competence as observed by you, in attaining performance standards. The list below is the criteria you should use in ascertaining the competence of each area in the evaluation form as accurately as possible.

            5          Demonstrates competency at the highest level

            4          Demonstrates a high quality performance, exhibits knowledge and background

            3          Demonstrates this competency at a level necessary to perform the requirements of the

                        position; sometimes needs direction

2          Considered to possess the competency required to perform the assignment, but does not meet expectations; needs supervision and direction; performance requires improvement

            1          Considered to lack the competency to perform the assignments in an effective manner; needs assistance in implementing required tasks;
                        no significant improvement has been noted                                 

N/O      Not observed

NOTE: If the evaluator cannot make a rating on at least 50 percent of the competencies under any one section, then it is suggested that a N/O should be given to that entire section.

SIGNATURE: Employee's signature does not necessarily indicate concurrence

Evaluator: ______________________________________________

Date: _________________________

Executive Director: ________________________________________

Date: _________________________



Evaluation Form for Executive Director

Page 2



TITLE:                                                 Executive Director of the Texas Girls Coaches Association

QUALIFICATIONS:                            (1) Bachelor's degree

(2) Willingness to grow professionally and broaden expertise

(3) Awareness of athletic and public school problems

REPORTS TO:                                                 Board of Directors of TGCA

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:              Full time; Salary -negotiable; two week vacation; school holidays; contract reviewed annually



1.00     _____  Organizes and administrates the functions of TGCA.
1.01     _____  Administers the association headquarters office and effectively maintains a
                       library of association books, files, past minutes, memorabilia and hospitality
                                    area for visitors.           
1.02     _____  Hires and supervises effectively the office staff.
1.03     _____ Provides an inventory of association equipment and keeps the board informed
                                    of their status. 
1.04     _____  Advises all new officers and chairpersons of their responsibilities and provides a
                        copy of the constitution for their use. 
1.05     _____ Secure board and committee sites for called meetings and provide appropriate

1.06     _____ Available for board meetings on request of the board.

1.07     _____  Provides officers and board members with accurate copies of minutes from each
                                    board meeting.      

1.08     _____  Attends to correspondence, requests for information, polling, and balloting as
                                    requested by the board.

1.09     _____  Coordinates any mail out with the newsletter editor.

1.10     _____  Supplies requested materials and / or information expeditiously and adheres to
                        deadlines imposed.

1.11     _____  Prepares for and attends UIL legislative and athletic council meetings.

1.12     _____  Conducts a spring and fall membership drive and keeps all memberships up to date.

1.13     _____  Prepares for job review and evaluation at the prescribed meetings.

1.14     _____  Abides by the constitution and attends to any duties assigned by the board.



Comments: ____________________________________________________________________


Evaluation Form for Executive Director

Page 3



2.00     _____  Administrates association's financial affairs.

2.01     _____  Keeps association books accurately and makes all reports required by federal and state law.
2.02     _____  Submits a budget proposal at the prescribed meeting as directed by the budget committee 

committee (appointed board members by association president) for approval by the board.

2.03     _____  Abides by the approved budget.

2.04     _____  Pays association bills and prepares a financial statement for auditing purposes and
                                    presents it to the board at prescribed time for approval.

2.05     _____  Provides a detailed report of all association expenses (operating and travel) with all receipts 
                                    on file supporting the expenses.

2.06     _____  Ensures all checking and savings transactions are approved by the association president and
                                    vice president.

2.07     _____  Procures approval of checks of $500.00 and over by the association president.
2.08     _____  Solicits bids on items purchased of $500.00 or over in value.
2.09     _____  Attends to all purchasing by the association as directed.


Comments: ____________________________________________________________________________



3.00     _____  Organizes and administrates the summer clinic.

3.01     _____  Secures the dates and sites for the summer clinic as approved.

3.02     _____  Visits and collects pertinent information on alternative clinic sites as directed.
3.03     _____  Secures summer clinic headquarters, complimentary and conference rooms as approved.
3.04     _____  Arranges booths for exhibitors at the summer clinic; procures lecture equipment, supplies,
                                    and materials needed for the summer clinic (housed in the placement service room.)

3.05     _____  Contracts exhibitors; provides them with a diagram indicating booth locations and a pass to
                                    all association activities.

3.06     _____  Secures contracts with clinicians and exhibitors in conjunction with the program director.
3.07     _____  Secures contracts with hotels, convention centers, athletic facilities, etc. for use at the 
                                    summer clinic.

3.08     _____  Aids the program director by initiative or request as he/she schedules and conducts the clinic.
3.09     _____  Conducts a pre-registration drive for the summer clinic and provides packets for those
3.10     _____  Employs and supervises extra personnel subject to approval of the board prior to the clinic.
3.11     _____  Conducts registration at the summer clinic and has prepared packets for enrolling members.



Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________






Evaluation Form for Executive Director

Page 4




4.00     _____  Administrates All-Star arrangements.
4.01     _____  Verifies All-Star selections with membership list.
4.02     _____  Notifies selected all-star players, their coaches, and all-star coaches; secures commitments from them.

4.03     _____  Secure all-star game / match sites and practice sites with written agreements for use of
                                    use of facilities.

4.04     _____  Secures game and match personnel for the all-star contests.
4.05     _____  Conducts the all-star contests in a satisfactory manner.
4.06     _____  Assists all-star coaches by initiative and/or request.

4.07     _____  Aids officers and board members by initiative or request with all-star arrangements.

4.08     _____  Arranges and provides all-star housing and transportation as directed with written agreements.

Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________


5.00     _____  Public relations functions.

5.01     _____  Conducts a fall and spring membership drive.
5.02     _____  Attends to advertising as needed or directed.

5.03     _____  Provides information to newsletter editor immediately upon receipt and request
                          adhering to deadlines.

5.04     _____  The director coordinates mail outs adhering to deadlines imposed by publication.
5.05     _____  Maintains a hospitality area in the central office.
5.06     _____  Provides prescribed office hours and has paid staff personnel available for contact.

5.07     _____  Attends all UIL cross country, volleyball, basketball, track and softball state events
5.08     _____  Attends regional meetings if requested or directed by the board.

5.09     _____  Visits and/or speaks to groups when requested or directed by the board to recruit
                                    new members and publicize the association.

5.10     _____  Visits meetings or clinics of other professional associations as directed by the board.

5.11     _____  Coordinates with other associations towards presenting united proposals to UIL
                                    Legislative and Athletic Councils.

5.12     _____  Solicits pertinent items from persons or firms interested in girls' athletic achievement.
5.13     _____  Issues letters of thanks to those persons, schools, or businesses who provided services at the
                        summer clinic before September 1 following the clinic.



Comments: ____________________________________________________________________________