Texas Girls Coaches Association
Hall of Fame Nomination Form




The Texas Girls Coaches Association honors coaches who have been active members, past or present, of the TGCA, the Texas Volleyball Coaches Association or the Texas High School Girls Track Association.  The nominee should have made major contributions to TGCA and the coaching profession


Coaches who are qualified for this honor, or who know a coach who is eligible should submit the following information to the TGCA office at P.O. Box 2137, Austin, TX, 78768.



Nominee’s name ______________________________________


Current Address ______________________________________


City _________________________State______ Zip _________


Telephone Number ____________________________________




Nomination submitted by:

Name _____________________________________________


TGCA Membership Number ______________________________


Contact Number ______________________________________


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Nominations should be submitted to the TGCA office.  The awards for Hall of

Fame will be determined by a Selection Committee made up of the Executive

Committee and the Executive Director.  Nominations will be made by member

coaches of TGCA.  The selections will be made at the UIL state girls’ basketball

tournament, at a time and place determined by the President, who also serves as

Chair of the Committee.