Texas Girls Coaches Association

Sub-Varsity Coaches of the Year

Selection Plan and Nomination



The Sub-Varsity Selection Committee will meet annually at the Track and Field state meet to select ten (10) Sub-Varsity Coaches of the Year.  Two coaches will be selected for each sport listed below -- one from a 1A, 2A, 3A, or 4A school and one from a 5A or 6A school:


                                      Cross Country



                                      Track and Field





I.   Nominating – The nomination must come from the nominee’s head coach or Athletic Coordinator.  The head coach or Athletic Coordinator must be a Texas Girls Coaches Association member in good standing in order to nominate a coach for Sub-Varsity Coach of the Year. 


II. Nominee -- All nominees must be a current member of the Texas Girls Coaches Association as of November 1st of the current school year and be in good standing.  The nominee may coach multiple sports, but cannot be the head coach in volleyball, basketball or softball.


Selection Process


I.  Complete and submit the online nomination form by May 1st.  If a coach does not have access to the Internet, a form will be faxed upon request.


II.  After submitting a nomination, you may contact the nominee and suggest that they obtain a letter of recommendation from their administrator and their head coach.  A letter of recommendation is suggested but not required.  These recommendation forms must be submitted by May 1st.


III.  All information submitted via parcel post (nomination forms and letters of recommendation) must be postmarked by May 1st.


Revised by vote of the Board of Directors June 1, 2014.