Texas Girls Coaches Association
Softball Athlete of the Year Nomination Form


Deadline: Monday noon prior to the state softball tournament for on-line nominations.


The nominee must fulfill the following requirements:

1.  May be selected from any grade level from 9 - 12.

2.  Be an outstanding softball athlete.

3.  Demonstrate positive character traits (honesty, loyalty, leadership, cooperative attitude).

4.  Athletes selected to the All-Star team automatically are a nominee for Athlete of the Year.



Nominee (First, Last)______________________________________________________


School _________________________________  City ___________________________


Grade ___________________


Position:         _____First Base       _____Short Stop     _____Right Field

                        _____Second Base _____Left Field        _____Catcher

                        _____Third Base      _____Center Field  _____Pitcher            



Conference: (circle one)       1A       2A       3A       4A       5A       6A



Additional Information:






Nominating Coach (First, Last)______________________________________________


TGCA Membership Number___________________________




                        I certify all information to be  correct.



Revised by vote of the membership at the annual business meeting on July 10, 2014.

Revised by vote of the Board of Directors June 4, 2017.