Texas Girls Coaches Association




The mission of the Texas Girls Coaches Association shall be:


* *        Help maintain the highest possible standards in athletics and the coaching profession,  and to work together for the improvement of the conditions for girls athletics in the schools of Texas.


**         Secure a better understanding of the problems of coaching and to provide sources of information pertaining to girls athletics at the disposal of coaches.


**         Endeavor to improve all phases of interscholastic sports by providing coaches with more thorough understanding of the various interscholastic competitive activities.


**         Provide a representative group of coaches to whom athletic problems of general concern may be referred in the hopes of improving relationships among schools, athletes, fans and officials.


**         Promote good fellowship and social contacts among coaches.


**         Represent the viewpoint of girls coaches in Texas to the Legislative Council and committees of the University Interscholastic League and the Commissioner of Education.